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Happenings ~ 4th July 2018

DOING: Sitting on the couch, typing this while Isaac plays.  He is slowly getting a bit better at playing independently which is nice.

HEARING: Isaac's chatter.  I adore his little voice.  The way he says words and our conversations are some of my favourite things ever.

DRINKING: My answer to this tends to always be coffee... today is no different haha.  Coffee, green tea and water are my current favourites.  I have been adding some drops of organic grapefruit essential oil (doTerra brand) to my water which makes it even easier to get in lots through the day.

EATING AND COOKING: I am still very into bulk cooking. I made a delicious pork curry that lasted us a few days last week.  A lemon and chilli stir fry this week.  Bolognese usually once a fortnight or so.  Isaac has gone off frittatas a bit which is a shame because they were the perfect grab-and-go dinner on nights after day care.  He usually eats earlier than us on these nights because he is so tired.  Sometimes an egg on toast is his preference, other nights some pasta with carrots, corn and beans, he loves most veggies actually - I am really lucky to have a pretty good eater on my hands for now. I hope it continues!

WANTING: To freeze the precious moments we are having with Isaac as a curious, loving toddler (among the attitude and tantrums).

DECIDING: What to do this weekend.  Isaac hasn't been 100% but getting out of the house has become a bit of a lifesaver these days (how things have changed!), so hopefully we can get to a cafĂ© or a park for a play - pretty sure it's meant to be freezing though...

ENJOYING: Reid's new working hours and location.  It's been a few months now since Reid started his new job and I still can't believe what a huge difference it has made to us as a family.  He is home so much more and it's the best.  No more 11 hour days, no more insane stress.  It's the best.
I am also loving taking lunch breaks at work.  I changed gyms because my work is right next door to a Zap, and as much as I loved the feel of the smaller, family-run gym that was a bit further away, it just wasn't working for me logistically because of the limited opening hours.  I have been going to the gym as a lunch break and am loving it.  Reid and I have both been really focussing on our health this year and we are making good progress.

WATCHING: I've just started watching the new season of Jane the Virgin on Netflix.  I love that show!  Reid and I have been watching Luke Cage at night for the past week or so.  We have a bit of a soft spot for the Marvel shows, even though they are all very similar...
I also watched Nanette - a stand-up show by Hannah Gadbsy on Netflix.  That was beyond incredible.  I think everyone needs to see it.  So raw and funny and sad and honest - all that and more.  Watch it!

READING: I've been reading Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng.  I finished Little Fires Everywhere by her not long ago.  I like her writing although I wouldn't say I've loved these books.  I am fussier than ever with books these days. I think because I have such limited time to actually read, I really want to be reading something great.  I am open to any suggestions!

BUYING: I have not been in saving mode lately... I need to get back there, but online shopping makes me happy haha.  I have been buying winter clothes for Isaac, I also bought him a beautiful natural, scented play dough kit from Happy Hands, Happy Heart which I highly recommend.  I love supporting small Australian businesses when I can.  I also recently subscribed to get a Goodness Me Box each month - I can't wait to get my first one.  I will start saving more next month... I swear!  Most of our money honestly seems to go on groceries - SO expensive!

PLANNING: I have just booked us a couple of nights away in March (I know that's ages away!).  Reid and I are going to have the first two weeks of March off to spend time with Isaac on his birthday and enjoy some family time.  We are going to go to Orford for a couple of nights and hopefully just spend some time unwinding and relaxing as much as we can with a three year old (yep, Isaac will be three... what??).  I think Isaac will love a little trip, right on the beach and the accommodation I've booked has a big outdoor hot tub and lots of space for Isaac to play and run around.  We can't wait.

CRAVING: Um... I'm not really sure that I'm craving anything!  Chocolate never goes astray, I haven't had chocolate for ages actually! Who am I??

LOVING: So many things.  Time with Isaac (for the most part), my incredible husband who supports me and loves me no matter what, the little routine we are all in at the moment - things feel good.

PLAYING: Lots of indoor-friendly things because it has been so cold!  Isaac's current favourite thing is a big bowl filled with warm water and some of bath-wash to make bubbles, then he uses a scrubbing brush to "wash" his cars and trucks and animals that can get wet.  It keeps him occupied for quite a long time which is a big win.  We have also been playing with play dough, Lego and magnetic tiles.  And trucks.  Always trucks.  Isaac is certifiably obsessed.

FEELING: Tired but content.  Things have been really busy at work and we have had a few family things on as well so there hasn't been a lot of down-time lately, but I feel pretty good compared to how I would have coped with stressful, busy things a year ago.  There is always progress, even if sometimes I take a step or two back.  I am now only on one medication which feels like a miracle.  I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately because I have struggled a LOT with withdrawal over the past few months and was largely focussed on just getting through each day.  The symptoms finally seem to be easing a bit which is great, I am feeling more human again and more able to see how far I have come and how wonderful my life really is.  I am feeling lucky and grateful and calm. It's rare and wonderful and I'm cherishing every second.


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