Sunday, 6 August 2017

Happenings - 6th August 2017

Doing: Typing this blog post while drinking my second coffee for the day and smiling at how cute Isaac looks when he is asleep (we have a video monitor).

Hearing: "Cannonball" by The Sweeplings.  I have just discovered their music and it is really beautiful.  I go through big music phases - at the minute I'm loving gentle, acoustic songs with lovely lyrics.  This band ticks all the boxes.

Drinking: Coffee.  Always coffee.  And lots of lemon water.

Eating & Cooking: I made a particularly good batch of Bolognese this week if I do say so myself which lasted a few meals.  Another dish we have been loving is beef Pad See Ew - a really lovely stir fry that once again can stretch over a couple of nights.  I've been keeping up my meal prep for lunches through the week - always roasting big batches of sweet potato and broccoli, this week I added zucchini, leek and cauliflower which was a lovely combo with my tinned fish.  I have also been a bit slack other days over the last few weeks though and have definitely eaten more takeaway for dinner than I would like... I am a massive emotional eater, the minute I'm not feeling 100% I want to be comforted by food.  Something I need to work on...

Wanting: Isaac to sleep better at night again.  Things have gone backwards over the last three-four months or so, and it's starting to take it's toll on me emotionally and physically... far out, sleep is just so important.

Playing: Lots of games with trucks, balloons and balls - Isaac's current obsessions. It has been too cold for much outside play lately, not to mention he has had a nasty chest infection and a cold for what seems like FOREVER.  Trying to keep him happy inside is a really tough task.

Deciding: Which things to tick off our ever growing list of things we need to buy/pay off which have accumulated over the time I wasn't working.  I have been paid twice so far and both of those pays have disappeared disturbingly quickly as we try to get on top of everything again.  My car needs a service and new tyres... that will be a quick way to spend $800 (what we were quoted)... we haven't been able to save a cent yet.

Enjoying: Coffee and work.  I have so much job satisfaction at the minute and am just loving almost every minute of being back.  I am thinking I would like to increase my days to 4 next year and have Wednesdays off with Isaac.  We'll see though...

Looking: At so many cute things I would love to buy for Isaac.  I really want to get him some more outdoor equipment/activities as Spring is approaching, but as I mentioned before, there are a few other financial things we need to get on top of first.

Loving: How well Isaac is communicating and understanding things all of a sudden. He is so close to speaking in a few short sentences, and it's incredible what he actually understands.  He packs up his toys when we ask him, goes to his booster seat when we ask if he is hungry (just two basic examples); he is learning so many new words and his baby babble is getting increasingly closer to sounding like a cute version of the English language.

Buying: Once again, there is a long list of things we need/want to buy over the coming months.  One step at a time where that's concerned though - money is not going far at the minute!

Planning: A little weekend away for Reid and I this December.  We will have been together for 10 years on 3rd - and I know most people just count from the date they got married, but 3rd December will always be "our" date in my mind and heart - nearly 10 years ago he asked me to be his girlfriend and we have come soooo far, I think it's worth celebrating.  We will just go somewhere fairly local I reckon, but I want to spend some time just the two of us, reminiscing and relaxing and talking about things we might want to happen for our next 10 years.

Watching: We are onto the final season of Sons of Anarchy now.  We have already watched it once but I had forgotten how clever (and brutal/violent...) the show is.  I have been re-watching things that make me relaxed/happy when I get a chance through the day (if Isaac naps long enough for me to get things done and have a minute to sit down) like Grace and Frankie and Gilmore Girls of course.

Savouring: Any time I get with both Reid and Isaac together. It's rare and lovely.

Wearing: Black Ponte pants and a mixture of whatever nice-ish tops I have for work (more clothes, that's something else to add to the "need/want to buy list").  I also bought some tights from the Toned by Ashy Bines range and they are goooood.  High waisted, comfy and great for around the house.  Oh yeah... and for when I'm exercising....

Reading: I haven't been making a lot of time for reading lately. When I am awake enough before falling asleep I have been re-reading books by Marlena de Blasi.  She is such a beautiful writer and I just love her books that are mostly memoirs about her life in Italy.

Craving: Ice cream.  I have no idea why, but I just always want ice cream after dinner lately! I really shouldn't keep it in the house, but as I said before, my emotional eating has been taking over the last few weeks and is something I plan to get under control soon.  Also - coffee.

Feeling: Tired. Tired, but happy to be getting into a good routine with work and home and childcare.  If only we could get some more sleep I would be feeling a bit better!  It wreaks havoc with my mental health and ability to deal with life in general (as it does with everybody I'm sure), but a bad night's sleep just sets the following day up to feel long and overwhelming.  My instincts are telling me Isaac isn't ready for change yet (he is spending most of the night with us in our bed at the minute) but I also know that I will only continue to go downhill mentally if I don't start getting more sleep.  It's a really difficult place to be in - hopefully it will settle down soon.  I feel lucky to have a little boy who wants snuggles at night, even though it's not exactly restful, I know these times are precious and fleeting, so I will try to focus on that as much as possible for now.

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