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Pregnancy Update ~ Weeks 33 - 38

It's the final countdown!

I can't believe how fast time has gone, today I am 38 weeks pregnant - technically Baby Bear could be with us any day now!

The third trimester is shaping up to be everything I've heard and more.  Rough.  Worth it, but way harder than I was anticipating.  I worked until I was almost 37 weeks pregnant - I figured because I have a desk job that I would be fine to work even longer than that really, but honestly, it was difficult!  Baby Bear crowding my lungs, kicking my ribs - are just a couple of things that made it very tricky to lean forward to even type properly.  Not to mention the insane fluid retention I developed in those last few weeks.  I swear my ankles ended up being the same size as my thighs!  Reid found it quite amusing, I found it all pretty exhausting, not to mention the difficulty sleeping (I know, I know, I have no idea what sleep deprivation is yet :) but those last couple of weeks at work were definitely hard.  I do work with some pretty amazing people though, who threw myself and one of my colleagues who was also pregnant (and has now had her beautiful baby boy!) a lovely afternoon tea and we were given some beautiful gifts.  So grateful <3  My direct manager and team mates are spread all over Australia with my new role, and on my last day of work they delivered me some gorgeous flowers and a lovely card - I've just been so spoilt throughout this pregnancy!  Not to mention the bigger things we are being given by my brother and sister-in-law.  Lots of beautiful clothes that were worn by my nephew, a change table, cot, baby bath, baby monitor and numerous other things we are so thankful for. 

Reid and I payed off our layby and now have a lovely nursery set-up.  Our car seat is fitted and our pram is assembled and ready to go.  We ended up with a Valco Baby pram - the "Spark".  It has a seat that starts out as a bassinet, then into a seat with three recline options rearward facing then the seat becomes forward facing as baby grows.  It's really light and easy to manoeuvre, I love it!

My Mum and sister organised a baby shower for me early in February - I know right?  So ridiculously spoilt with baby showers!  I really wasn't expecting so much.  It was a lovely afternoon with more beautiful and thoughtful gifts from family and friends and lots of my favourite foods.  Words can't express how grateful Reid and I are for everything we have been given, it really has been overwhelming <3 

My appointments with my obstetrician have become more frequent as of 30 weeks - all has been normal, including my blood pressure!  I have been having weekly appointments for the last few weeks, Baby Bear is ready to go, still not engaged but is head down, steadily growing and all is going well.  Reid was able to come along to one of the appointments recently which is a nice change as he usually can't get out of work - our obstetrician did a longer than normal ultrasound which was lovely so Reid had a chance to see Baby Bear's little movements and facial features.  Our obstetrician is pretty convinced that our little boy is going to look a lot like his Dad!  :) 

I have still been getting quite worried about labour over the past few weeks, I just don't like the unknown and like to be prepared, and there is only so much preparation I can do!  I have no idea how I'll cope or how Reid will cope.  I am trying to remain calm about the whole thing and Reid and I have talked a lot about how to keep me focussed and as in-control as possible, but once again, we just won't know until the day what to expect!   

My sister, sister-in-law and I did a first aid course tailored for babies and kids the past two Saturdays.  This is something I was wanting to do for a long time and probably put off a bit too long as it was a struggle doing CPR etc. when 36 week pregnant!  We learnt some valuable skills though and as someone who tends to panic, I'm glad I have some basic knowledge around common emergencies, it definitely gives me some peace of mind.

I have been on maternity leave for a week and a half now - it has been lovely to sleep in, get things organised at my own pace and just enjoy some quiet time before our baby arrives.  I have cooked a lot of meals that are now tucked away in the freezer, ready to go for those first few weeks.  Baby Bear's clothes, blankets and toys have all been washed, dried and put away - basically it is now just a waiting game!  It feels like I have been pregnant forever, although at the same time, it seems that 9 months have flown.  I can't believe that in a matter of days or weeks, I will have a son!  Our lives are going to change so much and I know we will feel more love for this little boy than we can even imagine at this point.  I can't wait to meet our Baby Bear, I can't wait to see Reid as a Dad and I can't wait to become a Mum <3  It is truly a privilege and is something I will never take for granted. 


  1. And now this preggo is crying reading ur post lol I remember all the first time feelings and u will never do anything this amazing.. U will be in awe of ur body and have a whole new respect for being a woman. Focus on the beauty not the pain it is amazing xx

  2. Aw thanks Donna! �� It is definitely amazing xxx


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