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Pregnancy Update ~ Weeks 17 - 23

It has been a while since my last update, as usual, due to a very hectic couple of months!

All has been well, the second trimester is definitely so much kinder than the first.  There are lots of changes and growth going on with our Baby Bear amongst all the work and family commitments. 

We saw our obstetrician at the end of my 16th week and as usual, a midwife took my blood pressure before the appointment only to discover that it had become very high - higher than any of the other weeks.  She looked quite concerned and said medication could even be recommended at this point.  This obviously stressed me out even more.  We went in to our obstetrician's office and had an ultrasound and saw our beautiful little baby moving around in there.  We were hoping to find out the gender if we could, but our little baby was very comfortable with his/her legs crossed, being very shy!  We had a chat about a few other things and my blood pressure was taken again - thankfully it had lowered enough to not need to consider medication at this point, but it is something that really needs to be watched. 

Something that had been worrying me quite a bit over the last few weeks was how to deal with applying for maternity leave, when I would need to come back to work, how my boss would react when I asked to come back part-time... a whole range of things really.  Turns out I shouldn't have been worried!  I mentioned in a previous post that I started a new role right at the beginning of my pregnancy.  One that is all at once very full-on but so much more enjoyable than what I was doing before.  I had a chat with my new manager who was incredibly understanding, is more than happy for me to come back at 3 days a week and has just made me feel so much more at ease with everything.  Reid and I have decided that I should be able to have around 9 months off work all going well.  It will be a stretch, but one that is definitely worth it in our eyes.

Halfway through my 18th week, Reid was driving us to work and I bent down to get something out of my handbag and felt a distinct movement, kind of like small bubbles popping in my stomach.  I sat up in disbelief, didn't say anything for minute, but then felt it again!  I was so excited and every day the movements have been getting stronger and stronger.  It is such an amazing feeling, even if my bladder has become a bit of a trampoline for now...  Baby Bear is most active mid-morning and then early evening.  Reid's voice always calms him down, he can be wriggling like crazy only for Reid to talk to him and the movements lessen and lessen, which has made it difficult for Reid to actually feel any kicks.  Hopefully his voice will have the same effect when our baby is here!  Last night I was lying in bed and could actually see my stomach moving with a few strong kicks.  I called for Reid and he was able to feel some movements for the first time.  It's so special and I'm glad Reid can share in the bonding now.  It really is such an amazing thing that mother's get to experience from the inside.

Our 20 week scan came up very quickly.  I was a bit nervous, I always want to know that everything is OK and I was hoping Baby Bear would behave so we could ascertain the gender.  The radiographer got to work and said she would be able to tell us straight away if our baby was a boy or a girl, Baby Bear was head down, legs up, letting everything hang out this time!  Reid held my hand and we both got a bit teary when it was announced that we are having a baby boy! <3  Reid in particular really wanted a boy first, I have much more experience with baby girls, but have one incredibly beautiful nephew and it will be really nice for him to have a boy play-mate!  The rest of the scan went fairly well, there was a struggle to get our baby boy's head measurements because of the position he wanted to stay in and it was really painful having them push SO hard on my stomach trying to make him move (I can only imagine how I'll cope in labour...) but they ended up with everything they needed and confirmed we have a healthy little boy in there :)

I have been feeling quite good, my energy levels are definitely improving although I still get tired early at night and would love to have a few naps in the afternoons if I could!  Unfortunately full-time work doesn't allow for that.  I am definitely able to stomach a wider variety of foods now which is great, although I still can't stand the thought of spaghetti Bolognese.  I have been loving Nudie orange juice (pulp free), watermelon, berries, sweet potato and most vegetables.  I have also had a serious craving for Paddlepop Cyclones - those icy poles are seriously the best!  My feet and ankles have started swelling a bit by the end of the day so I've been trying to put them up where I can.  Overall, everything is going well and there are no major issues, other than having to keep an eye on that pesky blood pressure...

At our most recent obstetrician appointment, our usual obstetrician had to rush off to deliver a baby, which was honestly a bit comforting to me knowing that she will be doing that for us no doubt in a few months!  We were able to be squeezed in to see someone else who confirmed that everything looks good, our baby is measuring perfectly and even my blood pressure was within normal limits. 

Every day I am amazed at what my body is capable of - growing this beautiful little boy that we will be meeting in about 4 months time!  We are so blessed to be having such a positive experience so far and I am so excited for the rest of this pregnancy journey, even though I am well aware there are lots of struggles ahead - it's all worth it xo.


  1. Ah, love reading all of your updates, Katy! Brings back lots of memories for this mama. :) Praying all continues to go well! And will look forward to hearing future updates! Hugs to you!

  2. Thanks Danelle! Hugs to you too :) xo


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