Friday, 2 October 2015

Pregnancy Update ~ Weeks 13 - 16

Wow, what a crazy rollercoaster this whole pregnancy thing is.  Time now seems to be going at warp  speed (no doubt that will slow right down around week 38 if not earlier haha) and at the minute I'm feeling fairly disorganised!

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy, as always.  I meant to keep some notes so I could remember where to start, but I forgot... so this might be a bit rambling and all over the place, sorry in advance!

After our 12 week scan where Baby Bear caused havoc for the radiographer, we had an appointment with our OB a few days later.  Reid wasn't able to come with me to that one, so my Mum came along.  I saw a midwife first who took my blood pressure and of course, it was high.  It looks like it's just a genetic thing that's been passed on to me and it's going to be that way when I'm pregnant.  It's not too serious yet thankfully, I just need to be careful and recognise the symptoms of needing to slow down.. although that has proven to be easier said than done.   The first thing my OB did was an ultrasound and Baby Bear was going crazy in there!  Jumping around and kicking and waving, we got a good shot of him/her facing us with his/her arm up as if they were waving at us.  It was really lovely to share an appointment with Mum as she is such an actively involved Grandmother and has already done so much for Reid and I since we fell pregnant.  Our OB laughed a bit after I told her how difficult the 12 week scan had been, as Baby Bear behaved perfectly for her!  Makes me think I have a very stubborn/contrary baby in there!  She was able to look at everything really clearly and once again assure us that everything looked very healthy and our risk factors are low for anything going wrong. 

Morning sickness definitely didn't disappear after the first trimester.  Every time I would clean my teeth seemed a particularly common time for me to vomit.. meaning I would need to clean my teeth again.. meaning I would vomit again.. it has been a vicious cycle.  Other than that though, the nausea has faded so I am very grateful for that. 

I have still been really tired.  Long work hours have probably attributed to that, but everything seems more draining than usual.  We have had an incredibly busy September, barely any down time at all, and October is looking to be fairly similar.  I have to remind myself to literally schedule time to do nothing - just to sit on the couch and watch a movie or read a book, or have a sneaky nap.  I became overwhelmed with exhaustion and emotion a few times in September and that's just not fun for anyone involved (namely Reid). 

As I've felt slightly less nauseated by the sight of a lot food, I have been trying to focus on health over the last few weeks.  I wasn't terrible in the first trimester but my diet was fairly limited.  I've been able to cook some lovely, healthy meals and have really started to enjoy a wide array of vegetables again.  I still indulge probably more often than I should, especially when I'm tired and emotional, but I am trying to get this under control.  I have been loving natural peanut butter and Granny Smith apples, Greek yoghurt has been making a regular appearance along with lots of green veggies (I am loving broccoli and peas especially) and a particularly good chicken/veggie pesto pasta that I made for lunches last week.  I almost squealed in delight when blueberries were on sale at the Supermarket a couple of weeks ago, I bought two punnets and basically inhaled them.  Berries are just amazing, I crave them constantly but they are so expensive and generally aren't very good quality.  I have been meaning to go the Famer's Market in Richmond on Saturday mornings but have usually had other plans.  I'm hoping it will happen this week!  I've also started trying to exercise more.  I have been doing a prenatal yoga DVD a few times a week, going for walks on my lunch break and have started swimming laps once a week with my sister (granted I have only done this once so far due to sickness and work getting in the way a couple of times, but as of next week it should be fairly regular).  

I have started to pop out quite a lot now and I feel like I'm finally looking pregnant.  I have bought a few maternity tops now and a maternity skirt - I will definitely need some dresses as I get bigger heading into summer.

I have struggled quite a bit anxiety-wise over the last few weeks.  It has all sort of dawned on me that this is really happening, and even though I have wanted a baby so much my whole life, the reality is pretty scary at the same time as being exciting.  I am trying to really treasure time with Reid, it has been just the two of us for nearly eight years and there are lots of changes ahead for us.  I know when Baby Bear arrives it will be the most amazing thing we've ever experienced, but we need to be ready to adjust to a completely different way of living, although there is nothing that can prepare us for it!

I am a now a few days into my 17th week, I think I might have felt some small flutters of movement, although to be honest I can't be sure...  I'm hoping any movement will become more obvious soon, I know lots of first time Mum's don't feel anything (or aren't aware they're feeling anything) for a few weeks yet, but I can't wait to be sure and for Reid to be able to feel kicks hopefully in a few weeks.

We have our next OB appointment on Tuesday 6th and will be booking in for our 20 week scan  after that.  Soon we will know (all going well and Baby Bear behaving this time...) if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl!  The guessing stakes have been fairly 50/50 from our family and close friends, I have always wanted a girl first but have a sneaking suspicion it might be a boy... but honestly, (I know this is really cliché... but it's true!) as long as we have a healthy baby it really doesn't matter. :)

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  1. You are beautifully and wonderfully made Katy Jane, just as you precious baby will be no matter the end result xoxo