Saturday, 21 July 2012

What Keeps Me Sane

The first two posts of my blog have talked about my ultimate inspiration, my passion for writing and my love of books and the English language. I thought today that I would write about another one of my passions, possibly the biggest one in my life: Music.

Looking through my music collection is similar to reading my personal diary. My taste in music is extremely varied and it has gone through multiple phases throughout my life. I love classical, country and western (thanks to my Dad!), acoustic, rock, metal, pop, alternative... the list goes on. I can't imagine my world without music, as it has truly helped me get through a lot of situations.

As a teenager, I would blast angry rock and metal music whenever I was frustrated [which was a lot of the time back then... ask my Mum... :)] and music was probably the only thing that could help to calm me down when no person ever could. When I write, I love to listen to reflective, acoustic and piano based songs but what I really love about listening to music is the lyrics. Once again, the power of language in motion. There is nothing more amazing to me than listening to a song that relates to me or a situation that I may find myself in. Most of the songs that I love not only have beautiful, powerful melodies but the lyrics connect with me in a profound way.  I also love listening to only instrumental music, but for me, beautiful lyrics just add another element to the exquisiteness of a song. 

I love that music can represent so many different things for individuals. The fact that one person can interpret a song in a completely opposite way to somebody else, but both people still connect with it in some way is a true testament to the power that lies within music as a whole.  I love that music has no rules.  There are no limits to what can be created and consequently loved about a song.  For me, what I listen to depends entirely on my mood, and as quickly as that can change, I can choose something different to listen to and be inspired by.

My Mum started to teach me how to play the piano when I was about three years old and I have played ever since. The only thing better than listening to music, is making it. In my opinion, the piano is the most beautiful instrument in the world. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of mastering a song that you love, or creating one that you love the sound of. I have studied piano up to grade 7, and was studying grade 8 but haven't been able to complete it yet because of the time constraints that were on me at the time. A lot of people in my family are disappointed in the fact that I haven't finished yet (and whether or not I will..) but lessons and eisteddfods and exams caused me to reach a point in my life where piano was becoming a chore. I was stressed about it constantly and was terrified before going to my piano lessons. When I realised that this was the case, I had no choice but to stop lessons before I resented the instrument that partly defines who I am. I hope that this can help to explain why I haven't completed my final exam, but for me, it's not about what grade I have reached, or whether or not I ever do complete it - it's about the love that I still have for playing and enjoying the piano. I no longer practice dreary scales and genres that I don't enjoy but would be "beneficial" for me to learn. When I play the piano, I play it because I want to. I play it because I love the sound, the feel of the keys, the melodies that are produced and the feeling that playing gives me. I really can't describe it, but I can tell you this - if it was not for my piano and my music collection, I would not be the person that I am today.


  1. Katy you have captured this blog in what I believe to be a very accurate manner. You music and the written word are so much a vital part of you.
    Will you finish, who knows but will you pass the passion on it would be impossible for you not too. A passion doesn't need a grade just a relationship.