Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Greatness that is Gilmore

I seem to have created a bit of a theme for my first few posts - largely writing about things that I love and have shaped who I am today. So far I've covered my Nanna Sue, books, music and interwoven through them all is my love for words and writing. I thought I would keep this theme going for a little bit longer and talk about one of my more light-hearted but just as important passions: Gilmore Girls.

I realise this might seem trivial, but this show makes me so happy I don't think that my blog would be complete without at least one post dedicated to its pure awesomeness. Yes, I know, it is an incredibly girly show and a lot of people can't stand it - e.g. my Dad and most other males I know ("they talk so fast,it's ridiculous, how do you even know what they're saying??"), but I absolutely love it. How could you not love a show where there is a local man who walks around town with a microphone and a guitar singing pretty songs, a character called "Kirk" whose severe lack of any grasp on reality is pure hilarity, and a picturesque town called Stars Hollow is the base of the extremely loveable characters of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore? 

These two women are my heroes. Lorelai in particular. High up on the list of people I would love to meet is Amy Sherman-Palladino, who created the extremely witty banter of the characters that still makes me laugh out loud even though I have literally watched all seven seasons over and over again since I was about 16. Lorelai is incredibly strong, smart and funny - a winning combination in my eyes, plus she is able to eat whatever she wants on the show while still being incredibly thin and attractive, which let's face it, is something that most women dream of. I know I do. She is also an incredible mother to her daughter Rory, who is possibly the most perfect person who ever existed, even annoyingly so sometimes. I mean come on, nobody can be that nice!

Those of you reading this who know me, know that I suffer from a lot of anxiety, which makes doing some seemingly simple every day things exhausting and overwhelming, but as soon as I switch this show on and I hear the opening bars of the theme song it all fades away and I am able to relax and enter the world of these funny, intelligent women who are able to make even the simplest of things an enjoyable, hilarious experience.  Every single episode is genius, dramatic and funny.  Plus romance is a big theme, and who doesn't love that? If I could choose to live anywhere in the world, it would be the fictional town of Stars Hollow, where the residents are loveable but a bit crazy, the coffee is fantastic and the community is basically a family. Plus, everything is pretty much within walking distance which would mean I would rarely have to drive! (One of the things that make me incredibly anxious..)

Basically, this show helps me to switch off from my everyday life and any issues I may be facing at the time, yet is so cleverly written that it doesn't turn my brain to complete mush. What a rare find that is! So I thank Amy Sherman-Palladino for creating a world that I can lose myself in, where the women rule and where food is deliciously enjoyed seemingly calorie free!


  1. For some reason the format of this post is really strange.. the font is smaller at the bottom and I can't seem to fix it. Sorry!

  2. Kate I remember when you used to reward yourself with being able to watch this show after a certain amount of time studying, and then you would refocus and back to it, then continue the cycle. I also know that theme song by heart, unlike the men of our family; I enjoyed watching it with you on occasion.

    Perhaps you need to reward yourself at the end of the working day with a little Gilmour Girls and really baby do you honestly think she could eat whatever they wanted? Do you think she didn’t spend hours at the gym to keep that figure when her day at the studio was done?

    You are a truly beautiful young lady Katy Jane, just like your sister. 

    1. Oh and I do still use it as a reward :) we watched heaps together :) xxx

  3. Haha I know they couldn't really eat all they wanted... But they can in the show! :)
    Thanks Mum xxx